Central Reservation System

Independent Hotels and Groups in Thailand

Thailand Central Reservation System

A Central Reservation System (CRS) allows for optimum management of distribution over the property’s website, new media and on IDS's (Internet Distribution System) and GDS's to cover all areas of the market. Larger properties and multi property hotel groups often choose to use a Global Distribution System (GDS) allowing them to connect with multiple online/offline travel agents and other corporate customers.

Ace Marketing Solutions can provide a full CRS for your property or hotel group, to allow full availability across online wholesalers. Below, are two types of CRS which we can provide:

Hotel Chain Software

CRS for Hotel Chains in Thailand

The CRS is the perfect digital solution for Hotel Chains, Management companies, and Franchise Chains.This Central Reservation System can be integrated to match the hotel chain, separating functions to be managed centrally or individually for each hotel.

Central Reservation System

CRS for Independent Hotels in Thailand

Providing distribution and marketing opportunities at very competitive prices. Efficient management of distribution on the property’s website, and on IDS’s and GDS’s.

Central Reservation Office

Central Reservation Office (CRO)

Enabling staff to efficiently manage quotation or reservation requests received by telephone, email, hotel website request forms, and walk-in reservations.

Meta Search Manager

Meta Search Manager

Your website will appear within the meta search channels alongside the OTA’s, for higher direct conversion

Global Distribution Software

GDS Connectivity

Direct connectivity for integral distribution for all channels from a single system.

Hotel Channel Manager

Synchro Channel Manager

Manage distribution on sales channels automatically, easily, and quickly from a single control panel.

channel manager for hotel groups

Hotel Intelligence Tools

Benefit from the marketing and intelligence tools such as rate checker and hotel review analysis.

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